Voltage Improvement and Stability

Improves and stabilizes the voltage supplied to the load, thereby minimizing heat generation, resulting in energy savings, improved production, and increased equipment efficiency and longevity.


Three-Phase Balancing

Real-time reduction of phase current, and balancing of load current over the three phases, based on X/R and Z, thereby reducing negative voltage sequence and circulating currents; resulting in energy savings and reduced equipment maintenance and failure.


Surges and Transient Suppression

Shields against an infinite number of surges, transients, and spikes, thereby protecting your investment in plant and equipment, while saving money.


Broadband Harmonics Fılterıng

Mitigates broadband harmonics, through tuning and/or de-tuning, by dynamically varying Q-factor of Variable Non-Saturable Zigzag Reactors, exclusive to Eten System, resulting in increased equipment longevity, and reduced monthly electric bills. It is modular, hence it is expandable.


Power Factor Improvement

Optimizes system power factor to a nominal 95% – 100%, at a fraction of standard capacitor bank, and without the damaging effects of capacitors!


Releasing kVA Capacity

It effectively reduces all types of losses, while minimizing all of the three Powers[Apparent Power (KVA), Real Power (KW), and Reactive Power (KVAR)], in a balanced form. Hence, allowing load expansion without increasing the size of transformer(s), switchgear(s), or cables.



Brownout Protection

Maintains and increases voltage in real-time, over that supplied by the utility company, even by as much as +/-20%, or during low voltage condition.


Intermittent Supply Failure Protection

Supplies continuous voltage during short duration (up to one second), intermittent supply failure, and line switching (Eten System Exclusive!), eliminating load/plant shut down!


Phase Loss Synthesis

Unique to Eten Systems, in the instance of a phase loss, the system can quickly detect and synthesize the lost phase continuously and indefinitely, maintaining the supply of power, and eliminate loss of valuable production time, and damage to equipment.


Specific Harmonics Filtering

Mitigates specific and/or multiple harmonics of any magnitude to a non-destructive level, through tuning and/or de-tuning, by dynamically varying Q-factor of Variable Non-Saturable Zigzag Reactors(exclusive to Eten Systems), resulting in reduced monthly electric bills, and increased equipment longevity. It is modular, hence it is expandable.

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