What & Why


  • Eten System is a culmination of years of technological assessment and field testing, utilizing university level design and modeling to insure proper performance of each system.
  •  It is an integrated system equipped with a microprocessor based Regulator, which monitors V, I, P.F., and Hr. at the rate of 3840-15360 samples per second.
  •  It consists of multi-stage LRC circuits which are activated, according to the preset designed parameters, and the Ladder Logic Principle.
  •  It can be designed for three-phase applications at Low, Medium, and High Voltages ranging from 208V to 345KV, and for loads of 100KW to 3,100,000 KW
  •  It is equipped with a unique alarm-driven Self Diagnostic Feature (SDF), which identifies status of each stage.


  • Eten System is designed and engineered to achieve energy savings of up to 34% and pay-back period of two years … GUARANTEED!
  • Reduces your facility’s power costs by up to 34%, through reduction of KW Demand, KVA Demand, and KWH Consumption.
  • Reduces equipment maintenance costs and improves productivity by reducing plant downtime due to equipment failure.
  • Balances and stabilizes line voltages, resulting in cooler running motors, thereby extending their life.
  • Filters harmonics, surges, and transients thereby minimizing their effects on equipment and machinery; as well as energy waste.
  • Makes it possible to increase the total connected load of a circuit, without over- sizing the transformer, conductors, or protective devices.
  • Protects your company investment in plant equipment and machinery


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